Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Blog

Hey everyone, this is my first blog and I felt like I should share some of my views of Physical Education. As a future teacher, there are a couple things that I am striving to achieve once I enter the teaching field.

When I become a teacher, one thing that I really hope for is that I am able to get a job, in this very competitive field, a short time after I graduate from SUNY Cortland.

I believe that I can have a good positive influence on the students that I teach, like my former Physical Education teachers have had on me.

When I become a teacher, I will work hard everyday towards my goals and what I believe in. My main goal is to  get my students to involved in PE and for them to have a very positive experience so that they will take everything they learn in my class to heart so that they can live long, healthy and active lifestyles.