Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Exergaming in Phys. Ed.

Exergaming is a great way to bring technology into the classroom. The response of the students tells it all in this video. They love coming into class and they have a great time dancing. By using this type of technology in Physical Education, the students are getting a great workout without really thinking about it while they are doing it. The addition of using pedometers, like the teachers in this video did, is another great way to keep students active. By using pedometers, you can set step goals for the students in your class and you can keep track of their progress over the year. Nowadays children love playing video games so being able to use that to your advantage to get them to become active is a great skill.

I believe that if possible, schools should try to utilize this type of technology in the classroom when they can. It makes it fun for the students and it provides the students with great physical activity benefits.

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