Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Philosophy on Education

As a professional educator, I rest my philosophy of education upon 5 main beliefs. All together, these 5 beliefs provide the basis for what I value, what I do, and why I do it as a professional educator. These beliefs are motivation, cooperation, respect, social interaction, responsibility.
Motivation is an essential aspect of any good education program. We must do everything that we can, as professional educators, to try to reach out to all of our students and to get them motivated to learn. If students are not motivated to come to school and to learn, then it may reflect in their grade which is the last thing that we as teachers want to happen. Students who are motivated will have more fun while learning and have a better educational experience than those who are not motivated to be there. Motivating students starts with the teachers being just as motivated to be there to teach their students. If teachers are not motivated, then there is virtually no chance that the students are going to be motivated.
 Cooperation is an aspect that can make every school that much better. In good and great schools, there is cooperation among everyone. There is cooperation among faculty members, among students, among teachers and students, and so on. A school where there is cooperation among everyone can be a very efficient one. Cooperation helps with everyone knowing what is going on in the school and everyone being on the same page. This provides for less confusion between teachers, students, and faculty while also providing for team teaching and cross curriculum teaching. Both of these have been shown to help increase student learning, which is a very important goal of every school.
For cooperation to be as high as it can be, there also needs to be respect between everyone in the school. Respect is a quality that is important in having a good educational program and school setting. If everyone is respectful to each other, cooperation among everyone will be even more effective and students and teachers will get the most out of it as there is possible. Having respect for each other allows for students to interact together during school in a safe environment because each student knows that their opinions and beliefs will be respected by their peers, instead of shot down by them. This is my next belief which includes social interaction.
While children are at school, along with the education that they are receiving, social interaction with their peers is the next most evident aspect of school. Throughout the entire school year, students are in class together, working on projects, helping each other study or talking about what is going on in each other’s lives. A school should be a place where this inevitable social interaction can take place in a safe environment so that there is a little negative social interaction, such as bullying, as possible. This goes hand in hand with students having a positive educational experience which is a responsibility of each school.
This brings me to my last main belief which is responsibility. Every good education program has a responsibility to provide the students with a quality education while they attend school. The school’s faculty and staff have a responsibility to make sure that the school is a safe environment for all students to interact and learn with their peers. Every teacher has the responsibility to do their best to help each student succeed to their highest ability every time possible. Every school has the responsibility to put their students first and to always keep their students in mind every time that a decision needs to be made about their education.

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